Mech-Kuta: Evolution of Evil


In return for some harsh treatment, a rogue group of Iron tribe Agori started creating a pool based on schematics of unknown origin. Filling it with protodermis and various liquids, along with Rahkshi and a few creatures, they created a copy of the pit that made the original Makuta. Using a copy of the Kanohi Kraakhan, and pieces of recovered makuta armor, this being was created. Without much memory of his past life, this Teridax now lives as a security drone, having betrayed and slaughtered the iron tribe members who created him, and leaving the Makuta pit open for use. Currently he is a wandering bounty hunter, getting bounties for Agori


Cold and Blunt, he lacks much of the drive the original Teridax had. However, Mech-kuta makes up for this with brutal efficiency and raw power to wipe out his enemies. He has not that many friends, and is neutral to Vent's team unless provokes. However, most matoran and Toa despise and hunt him for the actions of his previous life. He is ignorant and at times arrogant, but is not much of a schemer...

Yes yes, Makuta revival, yes yes simple build and not-titan. He's basicly a drone with a sword arm. Pretty simple




Dang. There goes using that term for my repurpose.

But yeah, fairly interesting concept.

I find this MOC funny because I was planning to repurpose my Makuta Horribad MOC as a Mechanical recreation of a Makuta for my story.

And also, the use of the sword arm reminds me of a creation I made that has a weapon arm. My Knightpriest MOC

But really waist armor and then Upper leg armor(I suggest Metru upper leg armor. It fits under the Nuparu Armor) are the biggest things I'd recommend changing

Also, the normal arm has Lateral Bicep Movement. Yusssssssss

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Most of my mocs have lateral bicep movement...

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Sorry, it's just a thing I have.

I'm trying to make it into the new Yuri's Waist Articulation thing.

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Looks very nice. I like the use of the Brutaka blades.

This is great..... except Makuta are already mechanical.

I would love to see you work in a colour that isn't black! (like your team you made a while ago)

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This is a very cool idea. Love the story idea, and build is suitably unique.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: you're MOCs really need better pics for us to fully appreciate them. Have you tried using a tripod?

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