Mech Maker MoC Contest [CLOSED]

Hey guys It's Gwideon Here. Today marks the begining of the mech maker moc contest and I can't wait to begin. So let's get to it.

Ok the Idea behind this contest is to build a mech for a minifig to pilot using a combanation of technic, G1 parts, and ccbs. now here are the rules

the mech must at least be as tall as a Hero factory hero.
the mech must be able to hold a mini fig
In the post I need at least three diffrent pictures and a bio of the pilot
the contest ends on November 30th
The winner's mech and mech pilot will become a main charecter in a up coming project

now that's all I have to say so enjoy building and may the best mocist come out on top.

Max The Paranoid Android
Toa Teramur


I might give it a shot...

Yes i'm joining this.

I would, but I don't have enough pieces, sorry.

I do not know if i will join this contest since

A I Dont own any Hero Factory Minifigs

B This is one of the Original Mechs on the Boards

It's not supposed to be a hero factory figure

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Saw That but i would Enjoy it if was for a Matoran Piolt since if I did Minifigs it will go Whole Gurren Laggan

Okay I will join in! Also to help out (As I have been in a contest or two and have judged.) I would list the names of the contestants in the topic!

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Screw it ill join

just so every one knows this contest is running on ttv and cbw at the same time. I have linked to the people on cbw.

Well I'm in.

Tomorrow is your last day guys get your entry's in

Hey guy's SeeIng as I only have two entrys for this contest(from cbw) I am going to be extending it to the 7th of december. or next monday. Have fun.
@StudentScissors @Whaddon @RedHuna101 @Hafynx @Ghosty

i told you i quit
also i just lost interest anyway

I might join, but can I use System?




'Kay. I'll try to make something.

Okay I will try to find the pics from a month ago hahaha

Sorta forgot about this. Should still be able to enter.