Mech MOC: Red3

New update to the Red Series. Introducing, Red3.


That’s a lot of white for a MOC called Red…

looks cool tho

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Hey, that is a pretty nice mech! I really like it! I like it’s color and design a lot!

This is a great system mech design, colours are balanced, full articulation from what I’m guessing and fantastic weapons (you never can go wrong with a massive chaingun). The shoulder weapons look especially good, the missile pieces look like fins or something similar.The sword is a bit bland but that’s more of a nitpick and there’s not much you can do to change it. Overall, I’m looking forward to more Red mechs.

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System mech induced flashbacks to those old robot designer sets… good times…

Really like the colour scheme and the design looks sturdy with good articulation. Took me a while to realise how big it actually is. Great job!

Yeah, I know. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of dark red pieces, but I’m glad you like it.