Mech MOCs

Hey guys it’s me Gwideon and I have a couple of mocs for you today so let’s begin.

Ok let’s start with some backstory behind these mocs. When makuta teridax was killed a small group of surviving makuta took to the stars and found earth. they where giants among mice and the humans had no way to stop them and soon humanity was enslaved. After about a year of enslavement a rebellion rose up and these mechs where constructed to combat the makuta.

Mech A
This one is my favorite of the rwo. both use the same build but I feel this one has better armor and a more consistent color scheme.

front view

side view

back view

here’s a look at the pilot.

here’s a look at the mechs insides

Mech B

front view

Side view

back view

look at the pilot

Open view

thanks for reading. Feel free to comment and stay awesome


They’re pretty cool, but their color schemes are a bit wonky. I also think the Figs look a bit awkward in the “Cockpit”.

ok I will take that into acount

that’s rather clever

Both are great, but I like the second one better.