Mech Monday: Bushi (samuri)

Mech Monday was a series I started and ended a few months ago. This will last at least five weeks, so Monday nights make sure to check back for the latest mech.

I was stuck on a title so I just translated samurai into Japanese. Anyways, now on to the build.

EDIT: There is waist articulation, so you can twist the body 360 degrees. The reason why there is a gap in the back is because it allows the body to bed back a little bit.

The back:

The cockpit:

The sword:

What do you think?


The back is rather bare and flat, but the front still maintain a good slope shaping.

Using the Speed Champion wheel coverage pieces on the chest is a nice touch of detail and the colors give an Optimus Prime vibe going.

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The back is pretty bare, but the front is awesome!

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The overall aesthetic is really nice, but the model is horribly ugly. I would recommend trying to make it more like an Exo-Force set where everything flows together instead of looking like one giant ugly cube.



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