Mech Monday: Week 1 - Devastator

EDIT: NOT like the Devastator transformer, my apologies if you were fooled by the title and were expecting a purple and green mech.

Alright, so I am not to sure how long this MOC series of mine It will for sure there it will go up to week five, but who knows, this may go up to ten weeks or so. Time will tell. Without further ado, lets get on to the mech, shall we?

The side guns can shoot due to the stud shooters. It's not much but I wanted some functionality there.

And a look at the pilot:

That is it for this mech. Hope you enjoyed and see you next week!


Feels like a real Lego set, great job.

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Nice mech, I like the colors. I also like how it is shaped and the weapons.

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The torso could be quite shorter, and the knees could be covered better.

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0/10 for not being green and purple /s

That looks good, and it's fits very well the whole mech design.

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@Omega_Tahu Thank you for the suggestions, the last week of me doing this I will do create a topic showing all modifications to mechs suggested by board members.

@Spiderus_Prime Don't worry, a green and purple mech might be coming soon!

EDIT: okay so I just found out about that Devastator transformer... I just picked the name for the mech because it sounded cool and it is supposed to be heavy artillery with the forearm canon things. I will be sure not to name my mechs after transformers in the future, but I will still do a green and purple mech.

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0/10 not enough green and purple construction vehicles.


Pretty neat.

seems I was kinda kapura'd by Spiderus.



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I'm not too sure how I feel about the upper legs, but everything else looks solid.

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Looks great. Everything looks smooth and I love those guns. The colour scheme's alright however I think it could do with a little more yellow. The top looks kinda plain and flat but that's just minor stuff. Overall, a real great mech. Can't wait for more in the following weeks.

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walked into this one

thinking i'd be devastator,

t'was wrong.

not half bad, tho.

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