Mech Quatra: Bouncer

In a world where strange crystals have been found latching onto (and forming symbiotic relationships with) people all across the globe, unlocking powerful abilities seemingly unique to each person, there is one group of Crystal Symbiotes keeping order amongst the chaos, and halting any power-crazed uprisings. Professor Rani McShane, one of the new Symbiotes, has developed technology to harness, amplify and direct these powers which allow the group to take on the more powerful foes. The following is the combative mechanism of one of these few, the fourth of its kind, known as Bouncer.

Its hands and feet are the only weapons this monstrosity needs; they focus the destabilising powers of demolitions expert Sergeant Marcia Rhodes into powerful explosive blasts which allow for both intense physical dominance on the battleground, as well as shocking utility by blasting and “bouncing” around the field. It is the smallest and least imposing of the Mechs, but is indispensable to any operation that requires mobility and calculated obliteration.

Action Pose:


Blaster Gauntlet:

Blaster Boot:

Front View:

Back View:

[I do have real-life MOCs but I have no way in which to capture them in photographic form as of yet, so this LDD creation will have to do. Hope you enjoy! :smile: ]


Cool! I like the leg design.

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Thanks! I was aiming for a kind of “armoured bouncy ball” look overall, like a mechanical explosive version of Cannonbolt from Ben Ten. Something that looks awkward and tough, but can rocket itself around.

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Armored bouncy ball?

I’m down for that.

Looks interesting. Not a big fan of LDD MOCs but this one’s alright.


Thank you! I wish I had a proper camera, but my only option right at the moment is my webcam… and no-one wants to see rubbish Skype photos. So for now, LDD is my only real option as far as sharing my creations is concerned.

My idea behind the “Mech” project was to eventually build them in real life with the aid of spray-paint, so sky willing you’ll see an actual photo of it eventualy!

I like system. and I like mechs. So I like this, except for the fact it’s in LDD. DO you have an Iphone or something? That’s what I take all of my photos of, and then use a charging cable to upload it.

am I on the list?
Bouncer joke

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He looks pretty good. Nice job

Hrm… I only have an android and the camera doesn’t work.Thanks anyway!

Dang, she’s gotta say that sometime…

Thank’ee Bio!

Pretty darn decent

Thank you!