Mecha Knight Redux

so as some of you know, I love Kirby: Planet Robobot

however, if there’s one thing I actively dislike about Robobot, it’s Mecha Knight’s design
how do you screw up making Meta Knight a robot
it’s so dumb
so i decided i’d make my own

(he has white hands that don’t show up well on here)

here’s the original for reference

I also made Mecha Knight+ and Stock Mecha Knight variants:

that’s it for now okay bye


If I hadn’t read the titles, I would have thought this was a Kirby and Meta Knight mashup.

It’s still cool though, but he doesn’t seem as robotic as the original.

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that’s pretty dank man

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Dude that’s pretty sweet.

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As a fine horse-man once said;


Pretty cool. I like the look of the cleaner style and how it compliments the colors.

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Nice redesign,

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Good job, Slime.

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