Mecha Longgui

So, a Longgui is, for all intents and purposes: A Turtle with a dragon head.

And, I made a ship, that I could describe as that.

So, I'm sure you all recognize this guy. This is Minifig Nyran Altair. He pilots this.

From a low angle like this, it looks...odd. Trust me, it gets even stranger.

This view lets you see what it's more about. I like to imagine the green spots are like, energy absorbers or something. Even though something you'll see later on contradicts that.

I like to imagine that this was made in Nyran the character's early days, back when he was trying to be cool and get into anime, so he put some random Kanji up there and hoped for the best.

I don't much care for that kinda stuff anymore tho.

Notice how the interior has that panel with all the hinges?

One on both sides. They both open.

Easy access for Minifig arm clearance.

Also, can fit a crate there. woo.

Inside the ship, nothing on the outside changes, of course.

And from the rear, thrusters.

Also, it transforms into a ground walker mode. I know, the energy whatevers are being used as feet, but uh...shhhhhhhhh.

From the side. The front legs look better when posed better.

From the top, nothing really new exposed.

So yeah that's my MOC.


A tad blocky, but still neat.


I like MOCs with hidden compartments. And that have different modes. This is pretty neat.

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I like it. It works.