Mecha / metal Knuckles contest entry

I’ll be honest here; I’m not a sonic fan. I don’t know any lore and I haven’t played since a Xbox game and I just like the robot designs.


1st official entry! Great work! Really well done!

Poor Windcharger.

Also, what is that he’s standing on.

The claws are probably my favorite part of the MOC. I don’t know why, but I really like them.

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Same here.

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Pretty good looking.

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I like the effort and it really is a good moc but they facial area kind of bugs me.

The Cyclopian eye kinda throws off the look of the source material.

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I tried a red stud but without painting I couldn’t find a way to get green eyes and with red it was a black hole.

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Alright. So the contest ends in a little over a week. Seeing as you are one of only two people that entered, and you are the only one to have submitted anything, I’d say you have a good chance of wining.


Thought you might want to know that you won. The only other contestant quit yesterday. So you win by default. Congratulations.

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Well, it certainly looks like the source material, except for the Cyclops eye…