Meckina, dark Toa of magnetism

I finished another one of my ninja / assassin based Toa team. The one wing I just added to add more to her than a gunmetal and silver figure.

Her throwing blade / star and knife.

With the rest of her team so far.


I don’t like the “ears” and legs, but the wing looks fine.

the legs look ok to me but them ears

That is a pretty nice wing design…

The legs are kind of awkward, and the “ears” or whatever they are don’t look very good.
Though I like the wing (it would probably look better if there were two, maybe she could manipulate them to fly using her powers.) and the star, while ineffective as a throwing weapon is still really nice.

Looks cool, but the bunny ears aren’t very ninja-like

I meant for them to be horns / entenae for controlling magnetic waves but obviously it sounds like I failed on that end. Might just turn them into a twin tails design.

Hey! Weird ears are my thing! :u
no seriously all my assembled MOCs have some crazy ear things

MOC, right, that. Uh, not sure about the torso. I see what you were going for but honestly it’s far too squat and short. The legs are also too long for the MOC, in my opinion. I’d either lengthen the torso or shorten the legs.

Also, the ears people have mentioned aren’t good, there’s a reason for that. I’ll be brutally honest and say they look like bunny ears on a skull spider mask, which is nightmare fuel enough to begin with.

Great moc. I love the weapon! But, does she have… bunny ears?