Meepinater's Gundam Photo Dump

What the title says.
Any pictures I take that are somewhat random, and not a real photoshoot, will go here.

I’m gonna do some more battles like this, but with Gundams that actually look like they go together.
IBO and GBD do not go together.


Oooh! Dude, nice!

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Picture heavy

I recently got the HGUC Zaku C/C-5…
I am having a little too much fun with him.
Seeing as it’s my favorite kit to date, though, it’s not surprising.


I took more pics of my Zaku, this time with the commander’s fin.

Like I said, I’m having a little too much fun with him.
I nearly lost one of his armor pieces, it was really tiny.
Fortunately, one of my good friends helped me out and I found it.

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eh, I find that the pictures tend to become boring. It’s a lot of the same angle over and over. Try shooting from some weird angles, like from a worm’s eye view or from a bird’s eye view and more. Might help make the long string of photos more interesting.

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Okay, thanks for the tip!

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More pics!
Following @Omega_Tahu 's advice, I experimented with different angles… mostly looking up, and without a lot of lighting. It gives the Zaku a more menacing look, and honestly a little more realistic.