Meepinater's Sketchdump

So over the first few weeks of the school year, I had a lot of class free time. So

I decided to spend that time drawing.
Therefore, I give you… My sketches!


I really like your optimus and megatron! If you want my suggestion, draw bigger. It can allow you do do more intricate details, like faces


Thank you!

And I will try bigger.
I just usually draw small due to the lack of space, but I can do bigger.

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Hmmm… Some of them look bad, some of them are very good,for me, it is a combination between good drawings and some that don’t look so good

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More sketches!

These are somewhat old, at least a month or two. I’ve improved a lot since then…
Rumble is decent, the other two… really need a redo. I’m feeling fairly confident about my ability to draw a canon character without a picture, though, so I might redo some of these at school. Especially soundwave.


Smart of you not to colour Frenzy. Could have started a pretty big fight

Jokes aside, these are looking great dude!

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yes, that is a piece of Tofu.