(Meet the Maker) Artakha, who smiles upon Creation

I could see this as being a little totem Artakha crafted for himself just for the heck of it


Karzahni had an ability that allowed him to heal his armor, he never did it by hand.

I suppose Artakha could have it to as it does work quite well with his character.

isn’t at least 10 inches tall but w/e

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this has my vote

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Not every Artahka has to be a titan build.

Anywho, great little MOC. Love how it was built from a single lego set and how well you managed to use all the elements together.

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We’ll leave the topic open, however we are invoking rule 11.


that’s… really disappointing. i’d honestly hoped to enter the contest, and it really disheartening to be arbitrarily disqualified right off the bat and not even have anyone reach out or anything.


I’m really sorry, I would’ve helped to prevent this, but you didn’t give good enough support.

Just make this a lesson for the future, your MOC is quite good! but it seems that it shouldn’t be in a Bionicle contest, especially since it has no parts from the line.

I don’t know where anyone ever said that, ever.
System entries are fully acceptable in this contest, it’s up to the community to decide on whether they want system in their canonized appearance or not.
Bionicle isn’t necessarily defined by the pieces used, because if that was true than the system Bionicle sets from way back when aren’t “Bionicle”
It’s the theme that they’re licensed under and the lore/story that makes BIonicle, well, bionicle
I could make Tahu out of paper mache and it’d still be Bionicle

Well I wasn’t trying to say that this was the reason why it got disqualified, but it could’ve possibly been part of the reason why the mods were lead to believe it had bad faith.

Except I’ve seen about four or five other primarily system entries today, that weren’t disqualified
This was disqualified because it was perceived as a joke moc, seeing as it’s just a rebuild of an existing set in a vaguely humanoid form

Yes but they had at least some Bionicle parts in them, now that’s not to say that this MOC isn’t Bionicle because of that, it just doesn’t have the build.

Listen, I’m just saying that this could be part of the reason why it was perceived as a joke MOC.

Idk man I’ve seen some that were pretty heavily system. If there was bionicle parts, I didn’t see any.
And obviously there are parts that could be considered both bionicle and system, since they’ve been used in both

Any examples?

Additionally, in addition to the above:

This is a neat little build, don’t get me wrong, but it has no constraction pieces. So while “primarily system” MoCs are not being held to any specific ratio… zero constraction pieces isn’t a ratio. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll try and find them, but I’ve got like 40 that I need to look through
VelociJACKtor’s has a nice blend between the two, though

only the issue is that people don’t vote on it because they want is as canon. If it’s seen as a joke, they vote to try to disrupt the contest.


I don’t see how I should have had to justify anything to you seeing as you are not a moderator. How would you have helped had I convinced you otherwise?

That’s fair enough, while it does have Technic parts in it, 31092 Helicopter Adventure does not contain any parts that are specifically constraction themed. Still, it’s disappointing to hear.

That, I think is the largest problem here. How do you know why someone is voting? It seems to me that you can just discount votes or entries based solely on your perception that it is a joke, even if it isn’t one

I’m disappointed to hear that my moc was disqualified, I really wanted to try my hand at making an entry into this contest, and it really bums me out that this entry I worked really hard on won’t be allowed but I guess there’s nothing I can do about it :frowning:


Ah well, there’s always the next contest

Well, I could’ve came here and tried to start an argument with some people who thought that your MOC was a joke to get things going, and then try to steer things in our direction to maybe even convince the mods that you were sincere, but things clearly wouldn’t go that way.

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