"Meet Toa Kulta!" Insane Stop Motion

So the other day I picked up Mask Maker VS Skull Grinder, and then I created this:


The Animation is OK, but the voice-acting is just… meh. :wink:


Hey! you are here! but the voice-acting is kinda…errrr…bad? if you need VA’s then I would be happy to help. but as it stands the voice acting kinda takes away from it.

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Best thing ever, 0/10 :smile:

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This was, well, great! No joke, it was funny :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you for the advice, I do have voice actors for my upcoming film. I normally do the voices myself for these Bionicle 2015 stop motions.


I think that you build Onua’s body wrong

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@juanpablogorer is right, you flipped his silver waist armor around.

Also, why is he a girl?!

Seeing how G2 loves to refer to its past incarnation in very, very vague senses, maybe the Earth Tribe is now the Female-Designated Group. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

this is most amazing


Good job.

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This inspired me. Gave me quite a few laughs. Good job!

Dat angry guy doe

why must you hurt me why do you make onua a canible

how did I never see this
its great