Mega Bloks Halo: Combat Evolved Poster

Now, before we start, it’d be great if we could have no posts like “ew mega bloks” or “you have mega bloks heretic”, 'cuz that’s just spam, alright? Thanks.

With that out if the way, here it is.

So, let me know your thoughts! Do you like it? Do you dislike it? Or do you hate it because you’re an anti-mega bloks curmudgeon? Let me know!


It looks awesome!

But were Storm enemies in CE?

I don’t think they were.

Yeah, I used 343 figures, but I made sure that they were in CE colours.


Okay, I really like the poster, my only issues with it fall in continuity, but that doesn’t detract from the quality. It’s still a really awesome looking piece.

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That Chiefo is triggering me…

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Why? :laughing:

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“ew mega bloks”
but this is good
one problem I have is that the light effects are too bright
and good ol MC looks like his gun is a bizarre flashlight

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It’s just wrong.

Bloody amazing figure.

But wrong…

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ha ha

you’re soooooo funny

I asked for people not to do that, thanks.

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Even though I don’t know a thing about Halo, this is nice! how long did it take to make?

it just a joke
I do enjoy Mega Bloks

but I still have my point on the light effects


About 11 hours of non-stop work. :laughing:

I would prefer it if it used the CE characters, but cool anyways

I did my best with what I had.


Awesome, I absolutely love the quality of this!

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Oh my.

This looks awesome man.

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Pretty neat.

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Looks good! I like the editing.

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It looks pretty good!
The only part I don’t really like is how the figures look like they aren’t actually standing on the grass (I feel like some blades of grass should be over their feet)

I literally have no idea what’s going on in the poster, but I like it.

Nice Job, Pek.

<ps megablux r heretc u heretc