Mega Bloks Mafia Signup

Hello, and welcome to my first mafia game. Please let me know afterward how much you enjoyed it. This will try to be a more fun type of mafia game, if you can't tell from the description.

The LEGO community is thriving! New members are showing up every day! And some really healthy discussion is happening over in the message board's topics.
But alas, happiness can never last forever, an illness has begun to spread amongst the members, an illness of adversity and strife, the MegaBloks illness. All infected with this illness create unpopular opinions of MegaBloks superiority and are consequently shunned from society.
A few members seem to have contracted this illness but know better than to show the others, instead they will try to eliminate all the other Lego community members to bring about a new empire! And hoping they don't get brick'd in the process.


5x MegaFans: Basically mafia, decides who to kill on a majority vote.

2x Lego Purist: The ultimate fan, able to see details of corruption that other mortals cannot.

1x Lime: You hate him, but you'll love him when he goes walking by as a MegaFan is about to strike. With his loud spouting of theories, the MegaFans will think a whole patrol is coming by and will not attack whoever he chooses to pester with his thoughts.

1x Secret role: Hush hush

+11x New guy: A new member of the community, likes Lego and is trying to make a name for themselves in this cruel world.

Rules: The MegaFans will vote on who to eliminate each night, and the new guys, the purist and Lime will vote who to brick at the end of the day.

Looking for about 20 people but will scale up (as long as it doesn't take too much time) or down (within reason) depending on how many people there are. Just say if you wanna join below and I'll @ you when it starts.

People playing:
1) Ace
2) Invader
3) fangface1
4) Calebmar
5) Omega_Tahu
6) MataNuiNuva
7) YEE
8) WOLKSite
9) legomaster1378
10) Niccal
11) jayzor17


This seems like fun, I'll give it a try

Lego purist. The greatest detective of all time.

I'm in.

I'm in.


I'm in.


This is offensive, and spreading more hate towards Mega Bloks then I've ever seen a Mega Bloks fan do to Lego...

I'll join

Bruh, I'm a MegaBloks fan.

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Sorry man, I didn't realise.

I'm just calling it as I see it...

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It's cool. The joke is I actually prefer MegaBloks to Lego and some of my friends find that Heresy


Yeah im in this sounds fun

Well, actually, something came up and I can't play. sorry

No prob m8. I'll take ya off.

Well, now that I have my phone back I guess I can participate, even though this might mot ever start.


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I'm in. Please @ me once you get the game topic up so I can find it easily.

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Sure thing.

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I would like to sign up
how many people are there so far?

Sure thing. And there are eight so far.