MegaMan, Super Fighting Robot!

Sadly, none of you have made a MegaMan topic yet.
For those who don't know, MegaMan was originally a video game series debuting on the NES system. Since then, it's evolved from console to console and series to series with rockin' music and bosses.
MegaMan's basically the face of Capcom even though they're digging their own grave by ignoring him. His games are amazing and retro, despite Capcom's higher ups not making any new MegaMan games to spite Keiji Inafune for leaving the company before it dragged him down with them.
Thankfully Mr. Inafune's making a new game series called Mighty No.9 that's the spiritual successor to MegaMan.
But then again, let's not forget all the various series:
MegaMan, MegaMan X, MegaMan Zero, Zx, Battle Network, Trigger, as well as all the other spin offs.

You should all talk about it with me on this topic.


Everyone knows X is best.


Nah, MegaMan Zero all the way.


except those with other opinions stuck_out_tongue


Ah Megaman, the franchise I knew a bare minimum about before Smash and quickly was propelled into my top 5 gaming franchises of all time.I love classic the best, but X is still really good and I have been wanting to try Zero.

Favorite Game is probably 3 because of varied soundtrack, well rounded bosses and introducing Protoman. I could continue, but I don't want to dump out all of my love for the series at once.

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Everyone knows the best Mega Man is the one on the box art.

On my way to steal your girl.



personally I prefer characters related to Zero and what not. Iris and Zero were a good couple...until the end of the game. Omega was a nice boss. The whole virus thing was...meh. The Rivalry between Zero and X was nice. The Sages were overall ok. Neo Arcadia was a nice area. Overall while Original megaman and X were OK, but I prefer Zero and ZX. Not a fan of Megaman Legends though. Though for anything else, nice attacks and bosses. Horrible voice acting though(except maybe maverick hunter X and any of the 3d megaman games)

Also, I couldn't go on without remembering this...


Gosh dangit you stuck_out_tongue


I got the original title on the Wii shop. Can't say I was expecting it to be as hard as it was. Still haven't beat flame man or elecman.


use Cut Man's weapon on Elec Man. it does like half his health.

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You wanted something better? Then here's the video for Zero's first encounter with Sigma(japanese ofcourse)

Get out >.<

I never got into Mega Man at all but sometimes I go by my public library and get a comic or two.

I personally prefer the charm and the style of the original games, but there are some neat concepts and character designs in the later ones too.

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I've been playing X1-6 a lot, recently. I think X is slightly easier than classic Mega Man, though the later PSX games were pretty challenging at times. I also like to think that X6-Command Mission are a splinter timeline, as it was originally planned for MMZ to happen after X5.


Dunno bout u but he is pretty mega m8

I have only played the 2

Once the x series comes to the virtual console on the 3ds, I will play those games

3DS VC doesn't have SNES games.

I gotted 2 and 6 a few months ago, and they are pretty fun. :smile_cat:

did you see this part?

Nintendo said that SNES games will only be on wii u VC.

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