Megaman X, Zero And ZX Discussion

So what are you guy’s thought on Megaman X and it’s spin-offs Zero and ZX. Personally I love the characters and the lore behind it all. My personal favorite era are the Zero Series. what are your favorite games from the titles and who’s your favorite character? mine is X himself

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Nah, man. You got it wrong.
Battle Network was where it was at.

@War_of_the_Worlds Oh no I agree completely! I’m just a bigger fan of X lol.
I’m currently watching the Anime for battle network and loving it! though i have 2 and a half seasons to binge lol

Whats your favorite Battle network redesign? I like Protoman and Magnetman

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We already have a general megaman thing and idk if we already seperated parts of the franchise but man these were good times

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