Megatron reimagined

So, just this week I had the idea to make my own definitive versions of both popular and obscure Transformers characters. I currently have multiple characters in the works, but I figured, why not start with the big bad, Megatron? Unfortunately, some of his barrel got cut off, so I might rescan this later. Let me know why you guys think!


Huh, looks like this guy;


So it does

why the black head?

I would have left the head grey and made the biceps black personally.

If you don’t know it, but Megatron’s helmet have in the past been black. I think it was because of his original consept art had him with a black helmet.

It looks weird here, his upper body is almost entirely grey, if there was black on the upper body it would be far less jarring.

Aside from that, this is intended to be the definitive megatron, so not having the head fully capture his iconic appearance seems odd.

I actually heavily based this off the IDW Megatron from early in the war. Although, it did take me a while to commit to the dark head. I just thought the contrast would help it stand out more.

dude, I’ve seen your art improve over the time you’ve been here and that’s really cool, this is pretty good

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Thanks, man! That means a lot to me!

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