This is a request for @Ven that I have been working on for the past few days. I worked really hard on this, so I hope you guys like it!


I like it, though the fusion cannon seems a little thin, that’s not really a criticism as much as just a personal preference

Yeah, I was thinking that as I was inking it. Anyways, thanks!

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Cool, man.

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Nice rendition of Megatron.

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This is pretty nice man, i like the way he looks with those tank treads

Thanks! I got a lot of inspirations from the IDW Megs, especially the Origins version.

if you haven’t read Megatron Origins, I highly suggest it

Looks great, dude! I admire your attention to detail, your effort definitely shines there.

My only criticism would be that he doesn’t seem very… Alive. And it’s a small thing, but his face looks a bit off. But hey, that’s all I got. you’re doing great so far, I’d love to see more of this Megatron from you. Plus, the more you draw, the better you get. Keep it up!


Thank you so much! I agree with you about the face. I’ve never been very good at faces. Also, about him not being alive, yeah. I can see why you’d say that. Anyways, I’ll keep practicing!

By the way, if you want to check out some more awesome Transformers art, you should check out Tranformers Festival of Lost Light! It is a branch off of Inktober for Transformers MTMTE. Several artists have been trying the challenge, including myself! It’s my first Inktober! There’s a lot of great art that I think you’d like!

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