Megatronus, Makuta Terrorizer of Water

Name: Megatronus
Occupation: Makuta, Tank
Element: Water and shadows
Team: Makuta Terrorizers
Weapons: Arm Cannon, Cannon Blade, Protodirmis blade, Sea Rockets
Mask: Olmak, Mask of Dimensional Gates
Weapon: His ram cannon has two parts, the main cannon which can shoot anything from zamor spheres, to Light orbs like the Sky blasters, to the Spinax bomb that he uses most of the time. the second is the Gatling gun held just above the cannon and is virtually endless in fire power. his blade has been known to go through almost anything and his Protodirmis claw does the same. his Sea Rockets can either fly him through the air with power so strong it could launch a scopial and sent him flying faster then a sea Rahi
Element: Unfortunetly he does not have the ability to control his wight in water which is why he has the tubs to breath under water, once he is there hs has full control of the water and shadows in the sea.
Bio: Megatronus was Origionally a Gladiator for the water agorie tribe. the only reason he left? Power and Money...Megatronus was never the honest type and would turn in his own mother if it payed well. he because a fighter for the New Threats Army but got blown to bits the day that Yami and the others got Siferius and talked him into there side. Dr. Stine took his body and fixed it up. the last thing he remembered before he got blown up was That it was Yami who said to him, "Burn in hell for what you did..." now he seeks revenge for what Yami did to him. Little dose he know that The New threat planned for him to become like this. his rival is Yami...

so...yeah getting into the darker parts of the mocs I made...definitely one of my lesser thought up ones...this one (if not obvious by the name) Was made in inspiration of the movie 2 Megatron and this was YEARS ago! not even kidding this thing is about as old as the movie! had a "The Fallen" moc I made as well but it didn't work out we are!


Why is he named after Lord Megatron?


XD Read what I put in the edit

The hands are nice

Not a fan of it, the feet look really odd, the torso build is "ok" but that long lime green line on the torso bothers me a lot.

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The name and backstory remind me of someone...


Interesting, but what @BlueCel said.

looks a little cluttered

Eh. I've seen better. I like that you made it look like has oxygen tanks (At least. That's what they look like).

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WOW! lots of talk about this one XD Honestly I do agree about the lime green thing and I am thinking of editing it so its not such a sore thumb...

The Colors...

Oh, the Colors...

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A few questionable choices, mainly the colour scheme but I still think it looks good. I like the usage of the Nuva chest pieces.

yeah I know...

^^; not my best shot but hey...

???Whats wrong with them?

It's okay to have a ton of colors, but they need to work with one another. :confused:

agreed...that's why I chose Blue and Black...I have another that's blue and black(Not finished) and it doesn't look bad...other then the Bright fricken blue Mandibles that don't match with the darker blue...

Why the Transformer name?

XD you know I keep saying it an no one seems to get it! Look at the description!


the bio doesn't help much

it's sorta just Megatron only he got rekt before starting a new movement

also bionicle

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...honestly this was years and years ago when I was young and stupid...