Meku: this is my first female MOC I need advice/critiques

I hope you all like her


There are a number of things you have done well to not fall into on your first FeMOC. Namely, the skinniness levels have been kept to a minimum, and she has a decent amount of bulk to her. In addition, the hair is not gaudy and annoying, and the breasts are not overly big, but they’re still there. However, going down into the cons, I don’t think they look well overtop the Inika shoulder like that (they could have some very… adult connotations), I think that piece be taken out, and another piece be added to the top so that the Nuparu armor doesn’t look awkward. The Bohrok eyes on her waist just look weird. The lower leg design is gappy as well, and they (plus the lower arms) seem a lot skinnier than the rest of her. Still, this is a great first female MOC. Happy building!


I think you’ve done very well. I’m not the best MOC critique-er, because I think that everyone’s tastes in this area are largely varied, but I will give you massive kudos on not using nuva-boobs or anything like that. You’ve done very well at representing the female form I think. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Thanks, the hip area is kinda hard to change without making the torso taller and giving her a very stalky appearance but I do see most of what you’re talking about

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This is a glorious moc in my eyes. The chest piece I am a huge fan of, I would use it on a male moc of mine (If I had the pieces). Overall if this was in a store, I’d buy it. Now seeing this, I kind of want to redo my female moc. ~Pyrox

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Does she use a Vahki waist? If so, you could add a Slizer foot on to it, it would look better without ruining the other structures.

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You know what? This isn’t bad for a first! Honestly, the main problem I see is that she seems kind of… Stubby. Her Torso isn’t proportional to her limbs. Also, idk what’s up with those bohrok eyes; they seem a little odd.

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I have changed the forearms and switched out the Bohrok eyes on her waist and the only remaining problem I see as in need of fixing is the shins

Looks like a man 100%

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Yeah, no. There’s the subtle feminine quality: breasts protrude a slight bit, minimal waist shrinkage, slightly large hips. It looks pretty feminine, if you ask me.

(Also, I’ve stumbled upon a relic, haven’t I? Wow, and to think the Boards are now 2 years old.)


Minimum waist shrinkage you could say that about the skull Gillian’s
Breast protrude a small bit there are no breast at all
OK yes there are hips so 89%

Skull Gillian’s?

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I meat skull villain it was in autocorrect

@Mistah_Grammaticul It’s till very masuline

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