Melfious Paxdon MOC (Finally done)

So, if any of you remember, I made a topic about these two WIP MOCs a while ago. Well, this is that white guy. =P

Introducing Melfious Paxdon

So, this guy isn't a BIONICLE OC, he belongs in an entirely different universe of my own creation. He is essentially a human (Paxdon) with a fragment of a chaotic god-like entity (Melfious) stubbornly stuck in his head. The armor is actually angel Warkeeper armor, and both the staff and the green bits are manifestations of Melfious' power.

He's not quite my favorite MOC I've made, simply because of the head. I dunno what it is, but it seems... off? Maybe a bit big?

Anyway, I know a certain @Ventum has been looking forward to this.

The cloak and shoulder pauldron can come all the way around to the front, concealing his arm. I rather like that look.

Finally the obligatory back shot.

Most of the MOC was made to be more aesthetic than funcitonal, hence why it took such a long time, but overall I think it came out as a nice blend.
Vent will be so proud that I found a way to make the legs bend =D

That's about it for now. I might do slight tweaks and revisions, but really, he's as done as I want him to be.

Now I can work on that other WIP thing.


those legs

are 8/8
Those arms bother me
I think its just the way you made the hands that make them look slightly oversized
The lower arms need to be turned, to allow lateral bicep movement, and I think you should add more armour to the top of the left arm or something
also I like that body, but it looks a bit too skeletal in some places, for me personally.

also I agree with the head, and the choice of mask

maybe use a custom head?

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The legs are the first thing I built =P

Yeah, I'd agree there. Unfortunately, it's really hard to actually depict a human using BIONICLE pieces. The hands look cartoon-ish. As for the armor on the left shoulder, there's not much I can do, but I can take another look.

Fiiine I'll rotate the bone.



Looks pretty legit. The arms are a bit cluttered and the arms should be redone, not just for lateral bicep movement, but for articulation at all. Not too keen on the Bohrok eyes being different directions either, but the pauldron looks sweet. Good to see your MOCs again.

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loving the use of those trans CCBS bones.

I r8 8/8 gr8 b8 m8 no h8 appreci8

Seriously, its really cool.

pretty nice, one of my favourite masks

The arms are meh. The rest is cool.

Also Entropy is a guy with an ancient Energy God stuck in his head. Meant to be bros stuck_out_tongue