Melinda the Dragon

A little thing I made out of some elves parts I had. Got the rough draft out in a night and the next night I ended up finishing it so this actually ended up being a pretty quick build.


's pretty adorable. I really like this, m800. The colors really work well here, though I would have liked to see a custom head

It was pretty much built around the dragon head, so making a custom head just to be more technical wouldn’t really achieve anything. Although I do want to move away from masks/pre-built heads in most of my stuff in the future, so I guess there’s that.


The head doesn’t flow with the neck tbh, while the lower section lack on colors, the build is still solid.
Upper body color is vibrate in a way-

Needs a bit more pink but looks great

Pretty good. The pink and keetorange look spectacular together, really adding alot more flare to the model.

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Really nice use of colours. Nice MOC.

Very nice use of keetorange and the purple/magenta.

Looks more like a chicken than a dragon but it looks fine.

I think it would look better if you take one or two segments out of the neck and make the tail (and maybe the arms) a little longer. other than that it looks good

I see where you’re coming from but if I did that it would lose all it’s character and just look like any other dragon, and at that point I wouldn’t have even bothered making it. The proportions are exaggerated on purpose to look a bit goofy.

I can only see a chicken :stuck_out_tongue:

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I Find it adorable.

But as Leoxander said.

I could go for it with some sauce and potatoes

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The colors on this thing are beautiful! I’d be proud to have made something like this

How on earth did you layer everything in the neck so flawlessly? Are you using those T-joint pieces somewhere?