Meliya, assassin of ice

Gender; female looking android.
Abilities; cold resistant armor, infinite memory space, near Imortality.
Forms; long range and close range.
No one really knows what Meliya is though she is very intelligent and every time you destroy one form another replaces it with the same data as before making her immortal.

This isn’t version 2 of the other form just the short range combat variation while the first was long range. I also designed her as a test to see if I could make a simple Ccbs skeleton look good without being too basic.

Comparison to her sister model.


It looks good, but it doesn’t really look female to me.

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Very much a Simple Build
But needs something to make it look a small bit like a female
But good

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Then what could I add for a female detail?

My favorite character was the baseplate.

IMO feels too much like Kopaka. The lower legs don’t work.

She’s alright

bit iffy with the shoulder placement, and the back leg armor

but otherwise i guess she’s solid

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Reminds me of Samus Aran’s suit.

I like it.

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That was my idea with the close combat model being more heavily armored than long range.

I really get a Samus vibe out of this too. Love how consistent all the textures are btw, they just make the MOC look more visually pleading sl for some reason.


Kopaka, is that you?


looks pretty cool, even though it looks nothing like an assassin

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