Melum Creature of Ice Revamp

Just a simple Revamp to make Melum appear like JTO

I changed the gear function cause I had lack of parts to build the original XD

Yeah just a simple thing a built a while ago, and as of now its disassembled.


Edited title to correct name - Invader

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I really like how this looks!

He’s simple, but still really cool.

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so Melum doesn’t hug anymore he just says hello


The waving function is absolutely adorable.


Nice creature of ice.

No more “luv u bro”
it’s “hullo bro”


Um what?

It seems he’s learning to show less affection from kopaka.

You had “Velum”

When I looked at the page after you changed it it said Velum, huh well whatever.

Aside from the jaw,it looks a little funky from some angles,it’s an overall improvement! I hope you try your hand at the other creatures if you haven’t already.

I might if I make them more like JTO but for the most part they’re all pretty good, I just wanted to make Melum look like a $10 set.

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It’s so cute!
This is the most adorable moc/revamp I’ve ever seen.

This looks really good! Everything seems pretty consistent. Not sure what to think about the altered function, though.

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This is what should have been.

The Creatures have always been really cute and this one holds up to that. Nice work.

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“Hello friend!”

That’s so adorable, I love it. Reminds me I really need to invest in some of those fur pieces, too.


Love this