Merlock 2.0 app: Give your progress in the game!

I’ve been hooked on the Nexo Knights game as of late and I want to see if anyone else is the same. I’ve currently reached Level 27, unlocked Lance’s Robo-horse thing, and am on the final Whiparella boss. But the game keeps crashing on me!

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I’m level 42, unlocked all vehicles, and beaten all of the story missions until the summer.
I don’t want to play anymore. :persevere:


:hand:I cant play this game because of my finger are too large for the screen.

That’s a poor excuse :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently the game is unavailable for the Kindle Fire HD.

The new update is up and… The Knights talk more than usual. :triumph:


I still have to play it.

level 50. now with the new update, I found Axl. I’m still working on collecting the pieces to build his Tower Mobile.

I found a site that has a bunch of shield power images and I’ve been able to scan all 154 of them.