Mesonak Moc

I have been wanting to make a meso moc for as long as I saw the pictures ven put up(including ttv the animation) and as I had a massive pile of pieces that fit mesos colour scheme I decided to go and make a moc of him inspired by vens incarnation of him, but with my own twist to it.

As you can see I decided to leave the wings out and make my own adjustments to the overall build.

Heres a better shot at the front of the moc.

Back side view is here.

The head and torso in a close up.

The back without the cover of the cape

The hunch in detail.

The legs getting the close up treatment.

The low angle in the front torso details.

Life'n such with meso and al.

Woah! Action pose!
Final comments:
I feel like I managed to add nicely mostly my own building tecniques in the moc(I had no clue how to do the torso, not to mention the hunch and cape attachment) and still having the feel of Vens superior masterpiece moc. As mentioned before the biggest head ache this moc gave me was the torso, to which I ended up putting a metru waist, an upside down hf torso on which I put a vahki waist(the inika armour in the lower torso) in which I added two hand connectors and (sigh) blue pins to attach the inika armour. Thats just one little problem I had on the way to finish, but I feel happy how it turned out.


Hey look! It's Meso XL! smiley


"Now now Eljay, it's not a stupid MOC it's a Faber-ge egg." "MESOOOOO!"


To be honest, this is how I've always pictured Mesonak.
Buff beyond belief, with a cape, a staff, and expert-level parts usage all around.

11/10 would look at again.


Wow, just wow (no irony intended). Here's my obligatory tiny nitpick: the exposed ball-joints on the upper legs aren't the best. Not sure how you could cover them up though...


Dat cape though...

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He looks like an absolute prick.
All in all pretty accurate MOC.

is gr8 m8 i r8 8/8

But seriously, pretty sweet dude!

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Great job, dude. Excellent twist on Ven's MoC. It automatically earns bonus points for its use of the Sir Fangar cape.



Oh, THAT'S which cape that is


Thanks, I appreciate it very much! I knew that when I got my hands on that cape that I had to use it here. smile

Well I am here now so let check this...

Dang it that's all I see now.

Any way... on to my thing.
I love the color scheme.
I love the staff.
I love the torso build.
I don't really care for the head though. But it looks like Meso's head so I can't complain about it.
I feel the arms are too short compared to the rest of him, but again I fleet that way about Venom's original MOC.
I like the legs.
Overall a somewhat groovy MOC man.