Message Boards people "meeting" in real life

Continuing the discussion from If you could meet anyone on the Message Boards in real life, who would it be?:

I got board, so I decided to draw this

just a few of us talking in “real life” myself, @ColdGoldLazarus @Political_Slime and @legomaster1378 having a conversation, @ToaVuhii who is looking at @MaximumWarp who is stealing some shtuff, @squeaverking is just kinda off to the side waiting to talk and @anon68675807 is falling from a plane that came to us from Australia

I might add more people, might


@squeaverking : Soon…


I need to make another avatar…

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Heh, this is awesome!

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You know, if my representation was in this picture, we would have a serious “one of these things is not like the others” moment. I’m not asking to have my representation in the picture, I’m just saying.

I love how I’m so much smaller then everyone else. :stuck_out_tongue:


'cause you’re a minifig.


I just found it ironic. I’m about 6 feet IRL. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you a kid?

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add me

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seriously I drew this because I was board, do not pester me to do something T_T


I see what you did there.


If you want to add me just draw a circle with a T in the middle. /s

you don’t need to add me I was just making a joke


the difference is that you said “if you want to”



I love it.

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Beef cracks me up XP

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I wonder what would happen if we actually did meet in real life. Like if TTV magically took everyone on the message boards and put us all in one room and left us there for a few hours…


okay so
Every single picture you do
You must have the top of it have me ruling over the message board peasants and accepting me as their supreme leader, additionally I would like it raining potatoes on one side, and raining carrots on the other side, I would also like a throne to sit above, a great idea would be to have @Risebell washing my feet, and @OculusNuva being used as tray to hold my food, which are as follows
cory shaped cookies, dank potatoes, carrots, and various other fruit and vegetables.

oh like, have @anon68675807 imprisoned, in the same cell as @Nyran

k thx bai


I’d stand in the corner shyly (unless it was a round room), and then someone’d probably talk to me, or I’d talk to someone, and then I’d grow more comfortable, and soon I’d most likely wind up annoying Risebell (I tend to annoy cool people), and then I’d start being totally random, because I really don’t care much what other people think of me, and then I’d kinda normalize and start drawing something or making a story.

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