Metal Gear Rex

Here is Metal Gear Rex. I built it using parts from the Lego power miners theme, hence the orange and lime green.

Metal Gear is a nuclear equipped bipedal tank, from the series called… get this: Metal Gear. Now I’m not too familiar with the Metal Gear series but since it is

  1. A series that spans decades
  2. Obtuse when it comes to story
  3. Sci-fi, with anime mechs

The similarities to another series I like, ahem, bionicle, probably explain my interest in it.

I started this build almost 2 years ago, but never finished it, with only the head and legs built. Until this week when I decided to complete it. My original intent was to make Metal Gear Sahalanthropus, but I am running low on pieces and this thing is already unstable as it is. In terms of accuracy I wasn’t too concerned about a lot of the details, just the more recognizable parts like the head. It could probably use a bit of reworking to make it more stable and more model accurate, but for now this is how it is. For reference here is a picture of the actual Metal Gear.

Here are some other poses for the moc:

Break down of parts:




Rail Gun:

If you want to take a deep dive into the lore here is the wiki:


I dont know nothin about the metal gear series but OOH she’s purdy.
I love how you translated the original into LEGO, this is really well done :+1:


I think you should add a bit more orange, but otherwise, this is very nice!

I thought it looked good on first viewing, then you showed the source material and wow, you really got the proportions down!


truly a weapon to surpass metal gear…waaait


Yes the weapon to surpass metal gear is… another metal gear, or maybe its a parasite? or is it a computer program? Whatever it takes to fuel that thirst for revenge.

a bit more orange

Yeah that could look good. Perhaps I could redo the radar dish with orange, and add some on the rail gun. To me the radar dish looks a bit plain, so maybe that could spice it up a bit.Thanks for the suggestion


This looks unbelievably good.

Very accurate while at the same time just a bit better than the original.

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