Metal Masks

Hey everyone! so the other day, I came a cross this video:

and I thought, “Could you do the same thing with Bionicle masks?” and possibly joint pieces? What do you guys/girls think?


You could I guess

But the only question I have is how/where to place it in the sand.

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Hey, don’t steal my idea!! /s

I think this is the same way they made the 14k gold masks.

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considering mask are made out of plastic and not something that instantly burns away I don’t really think so. if you could make a symple mask cast first maybe

I think it would be cool, but not out of the box. Like have a special die-cast mask in a power pack or something. The only draw is that metal would probably wear the normal plastic parts faster.

That is a great idea. I want to do that so bad. I don’t think it’d work though…

Hmmmm, it could be used to create pieces for kanohi welding