Metal Rider Test Teaser 'Joker' (Kamen Rider Stop Motion)

Okay, this is something that sorta sprung from from a postponed project, I thought I’d turn another direction with the idea, making it a veeeeery loose Kamen Rider adaption, utilizing Figuarts and Figma figures.
The main heroes, I have not decided on. It might be Black RX or Kamen Rider 2 from The First.
For the villains…Kamen Rider Decade, and ahem Kamen Rider Joker. (See below)
Further heroes and villains would be made up of my OOO’s collection.
The name Metal Rider kinda sprang from the older Figuarts figures I have, have metal in their feet to add in balance.
Please note, before you purists pick up your torches and pitchforks, this is not meant to be a direct adaption of any series whatsoever.
This is meant to be something crazy fun, using Kamen Rider, and maybe Super Sentai, and other stuff.