Meto the TOA of Rahi


Name: Meto
Element: Rahi
Occupation: Guardian Of the Forest
Meto was one a member of the Rahi Monks TOA who have the Ability of Rahi. one Day Meto Was sent into The Chamber Of Faxon to find his 4 Rahi. he was left in their for Centuries until one day the chamber was opened by Thieves. Meto Killed them with his Rahi Forms… He now Guards the Forest from all dangers

He was The Person Responsible for Taking vanaru’s eye and Arm



He Has four forms which gives him the aspects of the Rahi


Ash Bear


And Gukko

Criticism Is allowed


The idea of a Toa that can take the forms of Rahi is really cool. His torso is a bit bland, though. Maybe add something to detail it? Also, I’m not a fan of the skull spider mask.



What tropes and abilities does his forms have

Eh. His “normal” version is very basic and bland. All of his forms seem to just add insult to injury, being that they are quite poorly done, but that might just be because the base is so dull. Overall 4/10… At least it doesn’t look blatantly bad, but it isn’t really classifiable as good either…

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His normal version is really lackluster, although admittedly the rahi forms are kinda coolish.

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Okay so
What everyone else said

But a legit question
Why do you capitalize every letter in Toa?

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Obviously he’s the 2015 narrator that shouts random words, like the moc thought its pretty cool


I made this in the middle of night okay

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few I wasnt’t sure :scream:

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MOC is rather simple in design, though I love the concept.

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It appears I’ve been summoned… Again.

Plural’s Quick Review:

  • Like the whole “Switch Me’s Arm-R” Concept
  • Color Scheme is Meh
  • Torso is No

I would give this MOC a 6/10.

Needs a Bit of Work :wink:

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Great concept, poor execution. With the addition of a better torso, and at least one other color that isn’t silver or gray, this would be a great MoC.

Added +.05 points only because of the admittedly pretty cool concept.

My least favorite form is the Tarakava.

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Now what do you think about the forms

I like the concept and the colours are pretty good.

Those are some big boxing-gloves.

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I think hes trying to beat the Boxing Champ and Zaikus at the same time

What’s with the green pics?

The first few photos had the curtains closed

Also what’s you favourite form
@TBT_Emerald and @TakanuvaMasterOfTime

The concept is good, but it seems rather simplistic, Who am I to talk? and the color scheme is dull. I would suggest putting color similar to the rahi on each form.

Edit: @Whaddon My favorite is Ussal

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I like the ussal form too.

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