Metroid Series

What do you think about the Metroid series ? Did the prime series appeal more to you than the 2D games ? What kind of game will be the rumored upcoming game ? Is Project Dread Dead for good ? And what do you think about the controversed Other M ?

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My personal favorite is Prime, with Super Metroid a close second.

Regarding Other M,

It wasn't good. The controls were meh, it was a bit linear. The bosses were pretty good, but that's the only real good thing it has going for it.

And then there's Samus. It's not that her character is BAD, but it's VERY inconsistent. This is one of the last games, chronologically, so why does she all of a sudden have PTSD with Ridley? She also becomes very weak willed.

The monologue from Samus is uninspired, and very boring, almost monotone.


Personally, I've only ever played the first Metroid, though from what I've seen of all the games, I would say my favorite Metroid game is the original Metroid Prime.

FUSION go ahead and hate me i can take it * a smirk creeps along his face *

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Fusion wasn't bad. A bit linear, but still good.


I'm an incredibly large fan of the Metroid franchise, and am primarily a fan of the 2D games (although I do enjoy the Prime games). I have never played Metroid Prime 2 or Other M, so there's that.

My favorite games... WELL, obviously Super Metroid is up there, but Zero Mission was very good as well. Fusion was VERY enjoyable and certainly an interesting take, but it was a bit too linear. I don't mind it, though.

Holding out hope for a 3DS 2D Metroid game in 2015, but every year I hope for it and it never happens. ;_____;



Metroid is hands down the best Nintendo series for me next to Star Fox and Mario because it's so different to all the other Nintendo series my personal favorites would be 1. Metroid Prime 2. Metroid Fusion and 3. Super Metroid least favorite has to be other M one of the worst Nintendo games release recently it's horrible but otherwise Metroid is amazing.


Metroid Prime was the first Nintendo game I ever played. I've been a fan ever since.
I haven't played Other M (yet) but my friend loves it despite all of the hate it seems to get. I guess I'll just have to try to get it and then I'll be able to say something.

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Not what I expected, but I'll take it over nothing.
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Yeah, i saw it, and thought it was pretty good, thought i wouldn't have labled it as "Metroid : Prime". But Otherwise it actually looks good to me, i mean it's basically Metroid Co-Op, wich is really sweet, thought i rememeber i've always sucked at Metroid Prime Hunters, for DS, controls were so wierd to me, so i'll see how i'll fare with this.

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Not gonna lie, the game looks like crap. It's like Nintendo wants Metroid dead.


The rage being expressed over this is announcement is something to behold. Hopefully Nintendo recognizes the true source of the fans' anger, and that they understand the overwhelming desire for a proper Metroid game in the near future (probably with the relaese of the NX).

That being said... I don't know, this looks enjoyable. It's not what I wanted, persay, but it looks pretty fun and I'll be getting it DAY 1. Gotta show my brand support.



Metroid prime:
The spin-off with grunts!

I'll deem the game after I get to play it, though I'd like to have another Metroid game with Samus.

Also, what's your opinion on this?

The response makes me dissatisfied the Metroid Fanbase.

The fact that a petition to cancel a full game gained so much backing is just petty and whiny. Does the game look bad? Yes it kind of fails fan expectation. Still I find baffling that the game is being a hate lighting rod when it was shown on sunday without the Metroid logo and everyone's response was meh.

I may seem hypocritical criticising a fanbase for criticising what they are fans of, but I feel like deserve it for not even giving an admittedly mediocre game a chance and being so easily caught up with an out of control hate bandwagon.


So Metroid is a pretty cool series. You shoot aliens, explore planets, collect space bird technology and aren't afraid of anything. I admittedly have not played many of the games; I have just NES, Super, and Zero Mission under my belt. I plan on getting a digital copy of Fusion and The Prime trilogy on Virtual console later this year, but they are out prioritized by spooky plastic skeletons.

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The Metroid fanbase would do well to realize that the most effective and probably only way to say that the new game is bad is to not buy it.

Instead of protesting to cancel, have them think why the latest Metroid title sold less than expected.

I'm going to look into the game when it's out but I'm not going to buy it right away nor pre-order.

In all the likelihood the next Metroid prime focusing on Samus is already in the making for Nintendo's next console.

I also find it stupid to go try cancel a game like that, even if it would probably spark less hate if it had not the name Metroid (Prime) in it.

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I love Komaytos!

oh wait


Trouble with this line of thinking is that you run the risk of getting the entire series shut down as well. It almost seems like it's a coin flip these days for a company to interpret a game not selling well as people just not wanting that particular game or losing interest in the series as a whole.


True that.
They just can't take the risks nowadays.

It's just the reaction have and if they run with their wallets bleeding to the next Metroid game it can likely be taken for the fact that the name is worth about a big sum of that money. Don't get me wrong, the name Metroid brings some expectations and all that even to the point that it being call'd what it is makes people intrested. It's also to be taken into consideration that if the name of Metroid will be abused for marketing reasons.

I'm a little annoyed that "Metroid Prime" was named as the branch of the spin-off game but It's not like they would make a metroid game not call'd "Metroid".

Still waiting for the Metroid game that's just got to be on the "NX".

I might have over reacted though less sales could have made the investors and share holders snarl at Nintendo and ask why the latest metroid was such a flop.

Glad to have your input.

Okay, so.

Federation Force. I think I'll go ahead and express my opinions.

In terms of gameplay, does it look good? Yeah, it actually does. It looks like a fun little FPS Co-op game. Don't know if I'll get it, but still, looks like an enjoyable spin-off.

Now, in terms of expectation, Federation Force is terrible. It has been 5 years since the last Metroid, and 8 years since the last GOOD Metroid. Honestly, yeah, there's nothing bad about a spin-off, except when it's been so long since the last main-series installment. When it's been that long, you would think that making a new main-series game would be their first order of business, not making a spin-off.

Now, from what I've heard, they are working on Metroid Prime 4, which will be released in 2017 on the NX. It does make me a bit happier knowing that a new main-series Metroid is on the way, but I feel it would've been better if they had announced Federation Force along with a new main-series Metroid.

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I hated it at first but looking back at my child hood playing prime hunters(witch was my favourite game until I played Prime 3) and a Co-Op metroid game based in prime is an excellent idea.
Personally I think they should get rid of the galactic federation and just make all 4 player the ability to customise their own bounty hunter, make it and destiny/borderlands type of story but what they've presented is just fine.