Metru matoran construction mech

I got a headless matoran secondhand and built this. You can’t expect me to believe the matoran just sat around and let the toa do everything. The matoran is just the plain old metru build so nothing special.

I’ll be honest; this was a quick 20 minute build so I didn’t design it as much as I would normally.


Nice idea. The Mata red conflicts with the Metru red though…


I would have made the chest guard thingy black or grey but it’s good

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The mech and matoran don’t look like much on their own, but once combined, they look pretty cool. I would think that this was something made before the Vahki were introduced for law-enforcement in Metru Nui.

Are you planning on improving it over time?

I might improve it though I’m not sure as I guess you could consider this a tablescrap moc.

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The mech by itself isn’t anything spectacular, though combined with the Matoran it looks really cool.