Metru Nui Legacy

So Metru Nui legacy makes some stuff that in my opinion rivals Lego's box art for bionicle

Credit goes to Metru Nui Leagacy, these are pretty awesome

MNL is pretty good


I absolutely love MNLs work here. He puts a lot of effort and attention to detail here, and the background the characters are placed in are incredibly lifelike and beautiful.

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I just finished watching these stuck_out_tongue

MNL is pretty grand. His effort into making outstanding films and pictures as a BIONICLE fan is what shows how awesome us BIONICLE fans can get to!


Okay, are there downloads for these?

Because I think I may just need to print them out and put them up as posters.

not that I know of, but here are these just in case



I think the thing I'm most impressed by is that this guy actually managed to make the 2015 Lewa look good, even to me. That's some serious business there.


oh yeah, I forgot you don't like the mask XD

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I was inspired by mister MNL's poster and decided to try my hand at making a photoshop poster:


I love metru nui legacy


Gotta say, I love MNL! I waws thinking about PMing @StudentScissors or @Carrot8o about this, and for them to make this topic, but @Middlefingerstudios, you beat me to the chase!
Anyhow, why don't we make this an honor topic to MetruNuiLegacy, and have these images posted:

Gotta say, the guy has real talent. Too bad I'll be the one (most likely) writing scripts for other projects, rather than making high-quality videos.


Maybe it's because I'm tired and my mind isn't working but I don't quite understand what you're saying...

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Took me a while to realize what they were. :/

What I meant was PMing you, then you could (probably) make the topic.
In the meantime, Teach me how to become a Master so quickly! Last I checked, you were a scrub while I was a protector. Please, Scissor-Senpai!

I'm still confused by why you were PMing me :stuck_out_tongue:

Was that the PM? What does that have to do with the topic?
I'm so confused...

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I gotta say, that Tuyet, Nidhiki and those other 2 are just fantastic


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Anywho, on topic.
like I said, I love MNL
his posters never cease to amaze me, because they just look so amazing
seriously, if someone showed these to me and if I never knew about MNL, I would have thought they were official.


Beat you to the punch.

I actually changed the name, then I got the notification you also changed the name stuck_out_tongue