Metru Nui residents and two suns

We all know there were two suns in the Matoran Universe. If I recall correctly, there was just one sun that could be seen from Aqua Magna, Solis Magna, and I think I recall that there were only one sun when the characters were on Aqua Magna. Then, why weren’t the characters a little bit dubious, why did they never questioned it, when they noticed that when they were on Mata Nui and on Voya Nui, there were one sun, and that when they went to Metru Nui, there were suddenly two?

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The “suns” in Metru Nui were actually the slits of the Great Spirit’s eyes.

I know it, I just called them “suns” because it’s how the characters call them.

Ah. I think I misread the question.

although if I recall correctly, the ‘two suns’ was only established in Metru Nui. And when the Toa and Matoran traveled from Mata Nui to Metru Nui, the Great Spirit’s eyes would still be closed - but there was effective daylight in Web of Shadows.

Which raises the question - where do the other places in the world, such as Karda Nui, Daxia, or Zakaz get their light?

They were aware that they were looking at a different sky and a different ocean when they were on Mata Nui - they just didn’t take that to mean that the dome Metru Nui was inside of was actually part of their god’s head.

While this is “spoken” by the narrator, I think it can be taken as a reasonable description of the Toa Metru’s thoughts on what they saw upon arriving on Mata Nui:

Then suddenly they were out on the open sea again, with a whole new universe around them. Light, blazing like the fires of the Great Furnace, spilled down from a bright, yellow orb in the sky. The waters stretched out to the horizon, with no great stone barrier to enclose them.