Metru Speeder

watching bionicle 2 I had never noticed how the speeder was used by matau when he was matoran, I liked the idea and try to replicate it however I was not completely convinced and modify the idea a bit.

Aesthetically I wanted to give a touch based on the film and also the sets (rahi) of 2003, where colors predominate; Dark orange, brown, black and classic gray.

The vehicle does not have many news however the aleron can simulate the turn of the vehicle and the propellers of the sides can contract giving the impression that the vehicle is out of gear.


Very good :thumbsup:

Yeah, I can definitely see the influence, from Gukko in particular.

Looks awesome in its own right.

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It looks to be really accurate, and it definitely captures the feel of that movie.

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Considering that the movie version was basically just a giant metru foot I’d say that this is a great adaptation

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Cool to see this particular vehicle get made into a MOC. The overall aesthetic really captures the look of the 03’-04’ Rahi and Vehicles phenomenally.

It’s pretty accurate, just, where is the dark green

I think that why there is no green

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Nice work again here. You’ve got some really cool MOCs on your Flickr :slight_smile:


Very creative. I like the matoran, too.

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