MFS3-Type 3 "Kiryu" (/Mechagodzilla 3)

So guys, just getting used to the boards and such, but I decided it was about time to post my own MOC in the Forums. As the title suggests, this MOC is heavily inspired by Kiryu, also known as Mechagodzilla 3. I was looking through my pieces one day and realized that, not unlike most 'mocists' out there, I had a plethora of silver pieces that were just lying around.

So, I figured that instead of using the silver/grey tones as accents to mocs.. why not use them as the main attraction to a creation?

The next step was finding out what I could possibly build that was mostly silver, but not bland because of the color scheme.

With that in mind, I figured, "What better character, or in this case, Mecha, to draw inspiration from than Mecha-G's third iteration? And so, looking at Fenrak's empty skull, I imagined a new body surrounding and filling it with life, and Kiryu is the culmination of this vision realized. It's not perfect, no MOC is technically, but I believe that if not capturing the exact character itself, I would have hoped to capture his essence.

As you can see, I had to use the support Piston system to help keep it upright. But, I don't think it detracts too much from the look.

Now these maser weapons (or lasers, I don't know the exact way to pronounce the canonical term) are key weapons of Kiryu and I wanted to implement them, but also retain the feature of them detaching easily.

And so, I did that by allowing the back end to the open plus rod at the back end of Pohatu Nuva's claws that I used on the forearms.
I think I did so pretty well!

Now, here are just some other shots if Kiryu in different poses.

The red eyes feature, when Kiryu is in "Bezerk" mode, was easily achieved through a change in Bohrok eyes.

And with that, I hope you've enjoyed a look at my Kiryu MOC. Let me know what thought and/or changes you might have in mind.

Thanks in advanced! -MataNui101


No Absolute Zero Cannon, 0/10.

This is actually quite nice.

While not a 100%-screen-accurate replica of Kiryu, it retains enough of the general aesthetic to look good and be recognizable.

Also, the inclusion of the maser-lightning-knife thingies is a nice touch, though they could probably stand to have a little blue on them somewhere.


This should be renamed to "Eljay's nightmare: the set".

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Kiryu is possibly my favourite variation of Mechagodzilla, so I like to see Mocs of it. While not accurate, I like the uniqueness of his look and pieces used. Well done!

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This looks really cool. Nice job

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while the monochromity manages to hide it in many regards

the shaping, mostly in the torso, is all over the place.

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7.8/10 too much silver

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I appreciate it, and will take it into account when looking to rework it in the future.

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Nice use of the fenrakk head.

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