Micro Planetary Prowler


Microscale take on Insectoids set 6919 for Brickset’s 60th Anniversary Microscale Competition.


Until I saw this MOC i never looked at the original set or knew it existed, but I gotta say looking at the set and then at this MOC it’s really accurate. It’s a great micro version of the Planetary Prowler, and a good MOC in general.

I got this thing when I was about six. It came with a Zotaxian alien and a droid. Fantastic set. There was a magnetic sticker in the set which you’d apply to a crystal called a voltstone. The tail of the vehicle had a cylindrical magnet attached which could “lift” it off the ground when the planetary prowler drove over it. The rear legs had real shock absorbers to go over bumpy terrain. There was a cargo hold in the center of the “body” with a removable engine and a removable hover speeder. The antennae and eyes of the set could articulate back and forth to “sense” things. The antennae were really fragile and I bent mine my accident. Still a great set, definitely up there with all the older space sets.

I love me some Insectoids.