Micro Robo dog!

So, one day I was fiddling with some technic pieces, and i managed to accidentally make something that looked like a dogs head! So i decided to put a body on it, and then legs onto said body. I finally ended up with what i call Micro Robo Dog. In one of the pictures there’s a line going through the photo, that’s a strand of cat hair, yeah, it’s that tiny.


That head is amazingly dog-like especially with so few pieces! Looks best when seen from the side

This is amazing.

And cute.

And should be in Lego Creations, I think.


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Quite a bit of cat hair is in that MOC, might benefit from removing those if you do future MOC’s

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What I love most about the design, is you could pretty simply remove those tiles on the back and put a minifig chair in. :stuck_out_tongue:


11/10 A good boy.

What makes you think it isn’t dog hair? :stuck_out_tongue:

cause my long haired cat was just laying there :smile_cat:

The clones ran out of AT STs so they used robo dogs instead!

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The red ball joints look a little distracting, but the design itself is quite effective.