Microbot is a very odd moc. For one, Microbot thinks large mocs are overrated. Microbot thinks that it’s a real challenge to make a moc which is 3.5 inches tall, or 3 without the scope. (Sorry if you don’t use inches, I’m American.) Microbot also gets into a lot of trouble trying to prove this point. But in all reality, Microbot has the articulation of an ignika build, at much less than half the size.Seriously, try building something at this scale with all of the standard articulation. It’s hard.

Against all odds, I overcame laziness to take pictures. Yay.


Man posing and balancing must have been a pain, still cool Moc though!

@Tobin-Bartram Actually, it’s so small, that it weighs very little, and it’s pretty easy to pose. Until it’s limbs start snapping off…

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Oh my dog he’s so tiny and adorable I love him!!!

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What breed?

He’s smol. I like him.

Its something I’m trying out. Whenever someone would say “God” as an explitive, I say “dog”.

Cute. Other eye is a little unnerving, though. 9.97/10

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He’s adorable!

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I like the idea, but it could have been executed better. A more consistent color scheme, a better head, and this MOC would be great.


that bug is more interesting than what im looking at

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Well what are you looking at?

when I was typing that comment it was my bed, and now that your pointing that out I was looking at that lego, robot, thing. Microbot thing.

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I need to find da parts for instructions. Sorry.

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