Microscale Aircraft Carrier

With a crew of 3 minifigure trophies, a rotating radar dish and fully adjustable main gun, it’s pretty complete for something so small. I drew inspiration from the shield helicarrier set released a while ago, and never really did much in microscale before. I put a minifigure next to it to give a sense of scale, and I’d say it’s about 30cm off the top of my head. Hope you like it. Let me know what I could improve!


Nice work! I like the shape of everything, though it could be a bit longer. Other suggestions include making a smooth runway, maybe with some yellow markings, and what’s an aircraft carrier without an aircraft?

Welcome to the boards, and happy moccing.

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@Xing1870 Thanks. You’re the best!
@timoth I find myself struggling to find tiles in virtually every creation I use them in. It would never work. Besides, SNOT would ruin the playability of the thing, and make positioning the trophies tedious. Otherwise, I’d do it in a heartbeat.
@Bioknight I’ve been reccomended to build an aircraft for it. I tried using studs as barrels of jet fuel or something. I drew some ideas from the carrier in COD BO2 campaign, when there was stuff like that everywhere. If you have any ideas, let me know!
@HewksDKowlihad If I could fix it, I would have by now. Trust me, my plate collection is weak, especially in dark gray.

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Too wide and not long enough. If you have them on hand, I’d defeat you use flat tiles. It would make it look much better.

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Would be nice if there was more things on top as it feels a bit bare

The runway area needs some planes.

So many exposed studs.