Middlefingerstudios draws the community

well everyone, been working on this for a solid few days now (keep in mind i suck at drawing humans) but here is the thing no one was anticipating!

featuring @MaximumWarp @Scarilian @Political_Slime @BioRaiders532 @Nyran @pot8o @squeaverking @Oonie @legomaster1378 @Risebell, studentscissors, John Smith, Noob1234, Helryx08, Oculusnuva, Ekorak, Shadezy, Payinku, Leoxandar, ColdGoldLazerus, Chro and BeefJStag Kyoryo yellow(found out I can only tag 10 users in a post)
please notify me if you would like to be drawn and I will add you to the picture

PHASE 2: featuring WajKnight Maethorneth charyas Stoax CaptRanakiPakewa Marendex_T17 northernphantom

PHASE 3: featuring Shaymin36, MillsyUnderscore miraculousprime Hawkflight HewkiiDaKohliiHead JMP DargeD Creep Toa_Of_Shadows and Takua

PHASE 4: featuring Makuta_Luroka, Corex11, legofan3225.. sort of, TeslaEffect and Thea

Phase 5: featuring CausticKrana, Rockho, and RECspiriah

Phase 6:featuring Greencaps and theMatoroMovement

Phase 7: featuring Veltraxx, Mistuh_Grammaticul, TFM101, Willess12, and the13Inquisitor


WHAT!? i'm not in there cry


you'll get drawn do not worry smile (I only drew the members that first came to mind) also my computer is acting crazy, it's a miracle I was even able to post this

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Omg I look perfect!

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Ah, so im not memorable then cry
and i still need to draw an avatar for me...

what is your avatar? I need a better picture of it in order to draw it

Nice drawing!

can you draw me next?

or course (your avatar looks pretty easy to draw unless you would prefer something else)

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can i be added to the communty drawing(my avator)((matoro))

Well, actually I would prefer something like my old avatar, which was Tahu wearing a Kraahkan. smile

EDIT: Specifically Tahu mata.

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at the moment it is this

hence the reason I want to draw/find a new/different avatar

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looks good! You should tag the people in the pic though. That Slime, awesome =P

I would not complain if I was added XD


Noice drawings @Middlefingerstudios!

Could you draw me in too? smiley smile

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I look slightly deranged...

after recent events(mafia), that may well be accurate.


12/10 for epic head turn.

It's great!

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That looks pretty rad man. Nice job!

I never noticed how sexy I looked in 8-bit sunglasses


I like that you used the avatars of everyone to base your drawings. Very cool!

(also I like the crisp lines on my Matatu smile )


... I'm gonna have to scale that down a little

don't worry you will be part of this

sure why not

sure :slight_smile:
(I may have to make another picture to fit everyone)


Aw, bro.

I screwed up and deleted this post and then undeleted it because I thought I was the guy in the top corner, not the bottom corner.

Regardless, I very much enjoy this. Community things are always good to inflate everyone's egos. 8P