Midnight, Wolf Brute (Update Modification)

Hey builders, decided to make some improvements to Midnight after a few suggestions on my last posting: http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/midnight-wolf-type-brute/34521

First I remove the Onua Master stickers, but in re-armoring the body I ended up using a Onua Uniter chestplate. Note; I haven't tried to remove print off a lego piece before so for the foreseeable future the print will be there.

So next thing to fix that was noted well, was removing the side armor, and replace it. It ended up getting broken up into a few new armor parts. Also note no changes to the lower half of the MOC, legs are still looking good, for now.

Also took parts from Onua's weapon to make an under chest plate spread to broaden the spacing. With the Onua's chestplate I think I worked out better than before.

Made a few minor changes in the back, to include making options for future connection points if I decide to add more. But also can note the change in side armor placement.

So close up of the hands, I came up with a way to fill the large hand void. It is will legal connections, as I am not for cutting or modify parts. But this is not the best, but anything built can be upgraded.

just a funny look, like: "Hi, see my hand now?"

then Midnight had an encounterment with Boomer, my son's self MOC. Yeah my kid made his self MOC before I did, little bugger. Will be posting more of Boomer on my Flickr page.

Well again thank you for the input last time, and hope you enjoy the changes. Till next time, keep being creative, and building,


My only problem is the chestplate, since there are no pieces of the color on the model. Otherwise i really have no problems with this guy, i think he looks really good. The hand design is really cool too.

Looks pretty solid! I like the armor layering around the shoulders.

Worriz's been working out


the chest plate sticks out a good bit and the colors from the chest plate clash with the main moc.

The elbows look pretty weak, but that's unfortunately not easily fixed.
I like it overall.