Miitopia is Nintendo’s next game that primarily utilises Miis
it is an RPG with some Life-Simulator elements.
it allows you to have Miis of your choice live in a land called Miitopia

the game is about a Dark Lord (who can be whoever you want it to be, mine was)

who has stolen many faces from the Miis
the hero (you) will have to the deafest the Dark Lord, whilst saving the Mii’s faces (that have been put onto monsters)
the best face I got from the game was…

you choose what your job will be from an array of them
the few you can choose at the beginning are
Pop Star (male or female)
and Chef

I chose the Chef job

the demo for Miitopia is on the Nintendo 3DS E-shop
and the game will be coming out worldwide in July (it was released in December last year for Japan)

try it out
it is a nice little game to play if you enjoy an RPG from time to time
the only downside I have with it
is that the party members don’t seem to be controllable (I am not quite sure if there is a way to see if you can at the moment, unless it is just a demo only thing)

I also recommend you keep spot pass off, since you will be given Miis created by other people and it can get a tad bit annoying


Either we get mediocre fanmade mii enemys/npc or an godly combination.



I’ll have to try this game out, it seems pretty good, and it reminds me of Find Mii which I thought was decent.

I’ll just have to wait until it’s released since my 3ds is so old it can’t connect to the Eshop

Miitopia is a very entertaining time waster that’s really more about the character interactions rather than the battles. You can choose any Mii in your Mii Channel, Tomadachi File, or from a public collection called Mii Central.

I have solely meme or characters made to look dumb for my party, but it should be said you can change every single NPC and party member to any Mii you want. You can change all the townsfolk to Lennies, if that’s your jig.

This ability to change anyone’s role is way more fun than I thought. Making Michael Stevens from Vsauce the Dark Lord is funnier than I thought.

If you have a 3DS, go and get the free demo from the eShop. You can play the game 30 times before the demo is unusable, which is plenty; and even more so if you never close the game once. The demo has a lot of content in it, about 1/6th of the game. If you’re skeptical, then check out Vinesauce’s montage from a stream he did where he fought a Bobby Hill slime (it’s got some cursing in there).


I would get this if I had any sort of Nintendo device :stuck_out_tongue:

eyy it’s 7 granddad