MikeEmeraldBlade's Self-Moc Revamp

Basically I made this topic to give myself a timeline of the progress I make with this moc. as of right now, I have only completed the head and body, both of which are entirely custom. Feel free to comment and critique if you want…

P.S. the arms and legs are only place holders until I finish making mine for this moc.


The concept itself is alright…but man this is generic.


I agree with @Ekorak about it being generic and also feel that the basic limbs look a bit out of place

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I agree with the others…maybe make it some nice colors.??

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On that last picture, I can see that you installed belly-button clouds. Nice.

Although I must agree with everyone else, that it is a rather generic creation, mainly due to the color scheme to rule all color schemes. Although, I have no idea what that head is. Could someone explain what’s going on there to me?

Agreed with the others, you’re using a frightfully generic style. So far it seems that the helmet and the cape are his most unique characteristics, so maybe you could run with that and make a black-armored, cape-wearing knight? Adding another color should also help him be more unique, which is needed for a selfMOC.

I was going with the generic color scheme because in reality I have the most parts in that color. Anyway, those limbs are just there to make it stand for now, they’re gonna be replaced

I finished his legs, sorry about the photo quality.


Then find another color you don’t have a lot of and make it an accent color, perhaps?


@Hawkflight you’re right, got any suggestions?

if it’s a self moc… then your favorite colors? Or a colorscheme you prefer that aint as generic

probably might replace with red, white or blue lol


I really like the legs. Still needs more color though. :stuck_out_tongue:





well yea…it is…