MikeEmeraldBlade's Self-Moc Shadow Form + Goltrix

Basically what I did here was update my self moc with his new "Shadow Form." For this I added him new wings/jetpack on his back with detachable dual pistols along with a new clawed shield as well as having him wield the Staff of Shadows.

Along with that is Goltrix, a new moc I made with mainly gold and yellow. I designed him with mostly Gen1 parts but I added a little CCBS for the arms and feet, but overall I'm happy with the way these two mocs came out. Feel free to critique it if you want.


"Shadow Form"

More like

"Cliche form"

At any rate, neither of these is overly impressive, particularly the golden guy. While they're "meh", they're not "NAHHHH".

In other words, not bad. Just could use a bit more..creativity in the design process.

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