Military Android and Updates for Pres. Blue and Blueme

Having a problem with rahi? How about an unsightly neighbor? Well, we’ve got you covered. Introducing the squad leader of the military side of the Blue Robots line of products.
Here is the Squad leader: (Don’t complain he isn’t blue(That feature is sold separately))

Although the Blue Robots are all about Science and Smiles, the opposite approach was taken with the Military Androids (Although there is an almost equal amount of science on display here)
No cape:

All new bending feature!


Fighting Ricca: (You remember her right?)

With Boss Man: (He got proper legs now :D)

Changes for Pres Blue
-Custom Cape
-88% Nicer
Changes for Blueme
-Custom Capes
-Bohrok Eyes (Not Fingers)
-27% Justice-er
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so, where can i hire one? i do have an unsightly neighbor?

This kinda reminds me of a thing I did a while back and I like that about it. I also think the drone is adorable and I am hyped for the new bending feature.
10/10 better than Galidor

A small, yet intriguing build.
The use of the Matoran arms doesn’t work unfortunately, but looks ok in some angles.